The Big Question Before an Important Decision

Good salary, huge benefits, nice car awarded by the company, jewelries, and condominium and other things are status symbol, things that symbolizes success of an employee.  Most of the time, these things holds back someone who want to turn his back from corporate world to entrepreneurship.   While there are some who stay in the company they are connected with because they think they’ve got no choice other than this, doesn’t know anything except this, no other skill, no capital etcetera, etcetera.

But becoming an entrepreneur needs courage and determination, from deciding to end your career in the corporate world to imagining a life with no possible income since most ROI of any business takes three to five years.  You will go through the rough road of financial adjustment, change of lifestyle and a lot of sacrifice. An employee who is used to work eight hours a day for others may not quickly adjust to working more than office hours if he owns his own business.  So before jumping to the bandwagon of entrepreneurship, ask yourself the big question;

“Am I really ready for this?”

Looking from the outside is different; being inside the circumstances is another. It is easy for an exhausted employee to decide to leave the company and resign but will not be knowledgeable enough to handle own business. Before changing your phase from being employed to an entrepreneur, ask yourself the big question;

“Am I equipped enough for this?”

Entrepreneurship is “in” these days, many are packing their things out from their companies to start their own business.  Later they realize that they can’t stand the life without their comfort zone. Before sending your resignation to your superior, ask yourself the big question;

“Is this what I want?”

Success cannot be measured with what you have, with who you are or what you have achieved, success is when you are happy and contented with what you do and where you are. If you are leaving your company because a friend did and succeeded or because of pressure, think more than ten times. Entering the world of entrepreneurship is not at all fancy thing, your life and your future depends on your next decision.