How to set up a workplace at Home

Gone are the days when working from home was looked down upon. These days, not only is it a sound financial decision to make but it also lets you have your own private space to work in, without being a hindrance to other members of the family. In fact, if you are thinking of starting your own business; it makes sense to start small till you can get the right investments to plan big. Alternatively, your office should have the right atmosphere to soothe and inspire you. Here are a few important notes to keep in mind when setting up your workplace at home

–       Get the right furniture- Let’s face it. You wouldn’t want to work in a place that is uncomfortable, so if you plan to spend long hours in your ‘office’, it makes sense to choose your furniture wisely first. Pick up a chair which gives you good support, a table of an appropriate size with plenty of drawers, lights to illuminate the room, shelves to store books and files as well as 2 extra chairs for guests. If you have a large room to work in, you can play around with the space and get creative but if you have a small room; it’s important to optimize the available space or the room will appear even smaller. Don’t overcrowd the walls or floors with decorative pieces. A wall clock, a painting or two and a small potted plant are more than enough.

–       Invest in the right essentials- It may surprise you but many organizations cite office supplies as their biggest expense every month. It doesn’t hurt to stock your office with office supplies bought at a sale or on offer as it will bring down your costs. Have at least 2 phone lines that will be used only for taking calls and for the fax or Internet. Buy a phone with a built in answering machine so that you don’t miss out on important messages even when you aren’t in your office. Printers with a built in scanner are worth the investment made.

–       Plan for your visitors- At some point, you may consider asking a few colleagues or clients to your home office for meetings. To them, they are visiting you in your office and so it’s vital to keep things as professional as possible. Have a separate entrance and exit so that other members of the house do not get disturbed. If you have enough space, adding a small table and chairs to create a waiting area keeps your guests comfortable too.

Remember that in order to maintain a level of decorum and professionalism in your home office, treat it just the way you would if it was a cubicle in a bigger office. Space to move around or to store things is usually the biggest complaint, but there are plenty of great stowaway options, inbuilt shelves or cabinets that you can consider putting up. Reducing clutter and working with available resources at hand is the key to being happy in your new office.